Bon Bon Up produces and supplies high quality garments with enhanced support to maintain the ideal silhouette using comfortable compression, advanced seaming, and innovative thermal reduction. Our products are designed to lift and shape the waist, hips, butt and thighs. Transforming the look and feel of the body while maintaining the comfort and versatility of casualwear.
Transform, shape, and slim the body!

  • Design
    The innovative leggings for women use comfortable compression, advanced seaming and thermal reduction to transform the look and feel of your body to shape your waist, hips, butt and thighs,
  • Use
    Slip them on and never have a bad angle again you will love the way you look.
    Perfect for working out, running errands and relaxing in style, butt lifter leggings by Bon Bon Up, put a confident spin on daily casualwear.
    Lifts, shapes and smoothes your waist, hips, derriere and thighs using comfortable compression.
  • Engineering
    advanced seaming and innovative thermal reduction Interior shaping support slims and streamlines silhouette without any unwanted bumps and bulges (no more love handles!) Accentuates butt and hourglass shape
  • Colors
    Choose the versatile leggings in Many color shades and color combination or the sporty and stylish stamped animal print and patterns. Both vibrant options give you irresistible style and a head-turning shape. Bottoms up!

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