Multy colored stamped Sport Leggings with Inner Body Shaper – Resistant Dri Fit material


Color: 1073 / Purple and Orange Made in Colombia Multy Colors Stamped Sport Leggings With Internal Strong Body Shaper Dri Fit Sexy Abdominal Waist Trimer Butt Lifter for Women Colombia Bon Bon Up Leggings Colombian leggings butt lift and girdle Body Shaper – ideal for exercises


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  • ou are going to love the way you look at they gym in these leggings. Designed with an internal girdle, these unique leggings made by Bon Bon Up use compression around your hips and thighs for an all-over slimmer figure
  • Since the girdle is built right into the leggings, you won’t have to worry about any extra layers. These body shaping leggings are designed to sculpt your backside, gently lifting your butt to make it look rounder and fuller.
  • The fabric features a thermal reduction technology so you can keep cool even when you are working up a sweat. Whether you are hitting they gym, going for a run, playing sports, doing yoga, or even doing everyday activities, you will love how these leggings enhance your body from front to back.



  • Comfortably lifts your butt to accentuate it
  • Helps you cool down while working out
  • Slims your thighs
  • Hides your Cellulite



  • Lifts and Shapes Your Butt
  • Hides Cellulite
  • Durable and Exceptional Quality Fabric is Comfortable to Wear
  • Can Be Used for Everyday Use or Exercising
  • Made in Colombia


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